Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A landscape for Ramadan

A friend is celebrating Ramadan. We had a meeting last week and she had her mobile alarming her of the sunset when she could have coffee with us. I am also reminded of Ramadan by the everyday landscape at Tesco’s where the shelves are packed with cooking oil, fruit juices, rice and chopped tomato tins and freezers are full of lamb kebab, okra and samosas.


On Mill Road I used to pass the crowd chitchatting along the lane after the Friday prayers and notice the coming of Eid by the ‘Closed for Eid’ in the windows of the local cafĂ© and halal butchers. However, Ramadan was not visible there in the same way in the shop windows as on Belgrave Road. Eid Mubarak signs where not on in Cambridge.

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