Sunday, 28 August 2011

Invitation for ospreys

No matter what one thinks about the concept of flooding a large patch of countryside in order to create a reservoir one has to be impressed how Rutland Water has managed to enrich the natural life in the area. The way ospreys arrived and started nesting and how they number has been multiplying shows what can be achieved with continuous preservation work. Even the works to improve the functionality of the reservoir encompass their effect to the animal life and try to mimic natural environments.

When it comes to the recreational use of the reservoir, commenting as a person coming from a country of thousands lakes, it was a surprise to me that as a human being you are not invited to enter the waters of Rutland Water. Unless you are in a boat or on the shore with wellington boots in your feet and a fishing rod in your hand that is. Swimming is not allowed in the water parks. This seems a bit ironic since the sheep along the neighbouring shore were swimming happily. Must be the effect of Health & Safety!

1 comment:

  1. I suspect the sheep don't sue if they get into trouble in the water, and don't need a lifeguard!