Saturday, 13 August 2011

Burrough Hill and the modern uses of hillforts

What can you use a hillfort for? The days of needing a hideaway in a place where you can see an enemy coming are over. Even the need for Ordnance Survey triangulation points is not there any more. So what can you use a scheduled monument for? At least in Leicestershire the answer is for leisure, recreation, sport and fresh air. Near Beumont Leys there is a small Iron Age hillfort in the Castle Hill Country Park but the huge site at Burrough Hill is a proper country park with cows roaming across the ridge and furrow. The hillfort has its parking area where the participants of a leisure ritual, i.e. visitors, can leave their cars in order to take part in their chosen activity and visit a revisit the site. They can take a walk, experience the route around the banks and marvel the beautiful view. Even the skies are reclaimed with local model airplane society manning the ramparts.

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