Sunday, 1 September 2013

I have landed!

Just a quick note to say that I have been too busy to write my blog. I had to give a student who failed his essay a supervision in order to explain what will be required to make it better amongst the preparations for my son's first school day and writing and submitting quickly a grant application. Then I had to pack my most crucial notes and memory sticks together and spend my Sunday travelling to Sweden. After a long day I have arrived to a B&B where my room is from a 18th century classical dream. Nice wooden bed, tiled oven and soft colours. A bit of romanticism before heading to the Stockholm University tomorrow and getting the keys to my work-away-home pad in a student accommodation block,

I will have a year long contract with the university here and do my research in classical archaeology. I will undoubtedly also take part into the NTAG 2014 that will be here in Stockholm in April. It will be a year full of work and travelling between UK and Stockholm, but I hope it will be worth it. I hope to finish a series of publications within this time.

I hope to be more archaeological in my next posting when I have hopefully 'conquered' Skatteverket and found my way around the campus and the department.

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