Thursday, 8 August 2013

Combining new and old

Apart from continuing working apparently endlessly towards the publication of my old work, I try to incorporate parts of it to some new research I will be carrying out next winter. Admittingly, to a degree this new research is based on the analysis of the existing data I will get around preparing into publication together with my pottery specialist Dr Mills. As a ‘protohistorian’ specialised in prehistory and early history, the background reading is quite fascinating, since I also have to read some historical research. Most of the preparations for a major article will start properly in September, but I have been reading one of my old favourites in order to get my head around the general historical narrative spanning 300 hundred years or more.

However, before getting any more involved in looking at any landscape issues I have to finish with an article I have promised in writing in an article that is coming out later this year. This will be published in a proper internet format, so I actually have to figure out what kind of sub-chapters I want to present to the reader. I myself do not appreciate too much scrolling, but these things are changing now that people are using tablets. Since the format will be in HTML and not in pdf that just recreates a traditional article, I could be experimenting, but that would require redoing the images I have already prepared. Seems slightly redundant, but I have to see what the peer reviewers and editors have to say.

It has been quite interesting to learn that the publication that previously wanted to have a proper pottery catalogue now wanted to have a general article. On the positive side, this means that the change of editors does mean that they bring their personal vision to the proceedings. On an even more positive side, it means that I will get two peer reviewed articles out of the work I thought will result with one. The downside is that I do have to edit the same raw material twice and create two different products. In addition, I do have to do it fast, since first the shortest of the summer breaks and then the 1st of September and nearing alarmingly.

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